It feels a little monumental to be writing my first blog post for the church, and on Christmas day. No worries that I am neglecting the family, as we are just waiting for dinner time to get together!

Someone text me Joshua 1:9 a couple of days ago and it was definitely a word in season. A word in season is like a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day, or a warm fireplace in the dead of winter – just what you need at the time. It is natural to feel a few anxieties about the unknown, and for us that would be leaving the mother church and stepping into another city and our own ministry.

It is not the thought of leading a congregation or preaching sermons or any of the spiritual stuff that one deals with, but the day-to-day worries of jobs and houses and practicalities. Joshua knew God and had been assured that He had taken some of the spirit that was upon Moses and put it on him – What he had to deal with was giants in the land and a bunch of hostile tribes that were bent on keeping him and Israel from inhabiting the place God had called them to.

So this scripture came as a word in season that God has called us and we should take courage and strength in the fact it is His calling and not ours. The Bible tells us that those He calls He equips, and that means practicalities will fall into place as we go in the confidence of His calling.

Reminds me of that famous verse in Matthew 6:33 – head straight for the promised land of God’s will and you’ll find a place to stay and food to eat waiting there for you. But if you look for the practicalities first you will never reach the promised land.

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