I was interested to read an online article regarding conservationist David Bellamy, who has not been seen on British television screens for close to a decade.

The reason for this, Bellamy stated, was his objection to Global Warming. He had pointed to the fact that statistics show a drop in temperature and a raised carbon dioxide level that has caused crops to flourish. But after saying this in 2004, work at the BBC dried up. Not only this, but he found himself dropped from numerous trusts and groups that he was a member of – even from being the president of one.

So what was the big problem? Bellamy, whether he meant to or not,  had defied the regime. Defying Communist regimes such as Joseph Stalin’s would find you shipped off to Siberia, while under North Korea’s current cult of personality you could find yourself facing anything from spending your days in a concentration camp to instant execution.

There is a leftist hegemony that controls the media, and if anyone speaks against the agenda that is pushing homosexuality, abortion, socialism, climate change and one-world government on us then they can expect to find themselves in intellectual Siberia. I am not sure if David Bellamy is saved, or even classes himself as a Christian, but he recognised that what the media chooses to promote, and the hard facts, are oftentimes at complete odds.

Shame on the BBC and all those who have side-lined this man for pointing to the facts and going against the artificial ‘popular opinion’. We as believers have experienced this first-hand; whether having a tract or flyer torn up in front of us, being heckled while street preaching or being ostracised or openly mocked in the work place or in the media. We are going against the regime of hell, and that is to destroy man by leading him further from God and further into sin and bondage. We can expect this to escalate as we await our Saviour’s return, but let us not be discouraged; Jesus reminded us that He has overcome the world, and though we may not be popular in the media, we are with Him – and he comes with his reward in His hand.

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