A principle clear in the Word of God is that though God may have a place for you, you are still going to come up against opposition to entering into that place, and to staying there.

Walthamstow congregation celebrate
the New Year in new building

Last night and into the early hours of today, the Walthamstow congregation celebrated the New Year in style in our new  building. It really was special to walk into this huge building and imagine how it’s going to be transformed into a vibrant place of worship, the preaching of the gospel and the raising up of workers.

Israel came up against giants in the land (Numbers 13:33) , and we have come up against the campaign of a local newspaper and a handful of people who have chosen to sign a petition against the Walthamstow church. Everything logically, practically, socially and economically makes sense – the presence of a large church on Leabridge Road will alleviate the congestion caused in the small residential area where we have our current building, will bring stability to a troubled area and bring an economic boost.

Having God’s people in the promised land was designed to be a blessing – surrounding tribes had a chance to come to worship the living God and see their own families, livestock and crops blessed just as an obedient Israel’s – so the Walthamstow church’s presence can be a great boon to Leyton as local residents have a chance to accept Jesus Christ and come to know this great salvation.

It is only hell that wants to keep God’s people out of God’s place, so that they and the people they influence remain unblessed and unfruitful. And so we continue to pray and petition from our side, believing that the battle is the Lord’s and that contending for the place he has for us will bring victory. I know that as we open up in MK in the coming weeks there will be resistance from the kingdom of darkness, but we also intend to contend for God’s place for us and the blessing of the people of MK.

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