A second thought from Romans 12:3 is that we have all been given the measure of faith. This is not talking about some set, static amount of faith that God dishes out to us as He pleases, but the fact that we all have faith intrinsic to us.

When we come into the Kingdom we have just enough faith to be saved by it. By the grace of Christ dying on the cross, we had a salvation to access through putting the little faith intrinsic to us, as creatures of God, in Him.

In fact the world is full of faith, but it is a poor shadow of the growing faith we have in Christ and mainly directed towards perverted things. There are people with faith in world religions, people with faith in relationships, people with faith in money and people with faith in evolution theory, which in fact is another secular, world religion.

Another example of faith directed towards other things is people reaching for the light switch as they get out of bed in the morning and believing the light will come on. No one stops and says, ‘hmmm, I wonder if there’s any point in doing this – the fuse might have blown!’

When we enter the Kingdom, as with many things, faith changes. No longer is faith only for the religious or for being able to get on with daily life without disabling paranoia, but it is something that can and should grow.

We will not see great miracles without the faith to back it up. Some wonder why they don’t experience more with God and end up believing that it’s just not for them. You have been given faith, and if you start filling yourself with the Word of God you will have something to apply it to. In that application of faith to an increased infilling and revelation of the Word of God is the key to growth – as the great evangelist Smith Wigglesworth put it, ‘God said it, I believe it, that settles it!’.

So fill yourselves with the promises, believe them and act on them. You will see your faith grow from a mustard seed to a fruitful tree of blessing to the Kingdom of God. You have 6000 to learn, so get busy!

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