The reality of a global flood is one of the most permeating facts of written history, and a very plausible explanation for the sheer amount of fossils and strata across the world (fossils all need rapid burial, water and pressure).

A current news story that ‘suprised scientists’ (read: evolutionists who couldn’t fit it into their paradigm), is the formation of an island over just ten years, which despite lying 16 miles off the coast of Germany is already home to around 50 plants species and various sea birds.

This tiny island of only 34 acres boasts this, and four metre high sand dunes, yet is simply a large sand bar. This is just one example of how life can spring out of seeming barrenness, not as a product of random chance but from the original creation of an intelligent life-giver.

Other examples that spring to mind is the life to be found around the Mount St. Helens blast site in Washington state (Mount St. Helens was a dormant volcano that erupted in 1980), or the coral and fish flourishing around the sites of nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean (from the 1940s to the 60s).

The Flood in the days of Noah changed the face of the earth –  judging those that lived in sin and ignored Noah –  but as those eight people stepped off the boat in the mountains of Ararat they brought with then animals, provisions and seeds that would see the whole earth repopulated and flourishing within years.

Not so hard to believe when you see it happen in your life time!

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