While I am not the type to go on about conspiracy theories and wild doctrines (Nephilim, demon-spawn infiltrating the church etc), something that caught my attention while studying for a sermon was the ‘caduceus’.

This image is instantly recognisable to many, but with that strange sense of recognising something without being able to place where you have seen it. It is to be found on the majority of North American medical insignia, as well as well as items such as Scandinavian coats of arms and on the logo of the Customs Service of Communist East Germany.

It is in fact an ancient pagan symbol found in Greek, Roman and even ancient Babylonian mythology. The symbol of a snake or two snakes wrapped around a staff, with wings has been seen in the hands of Greek god Hermes, Roman god Mercury and something similar on ancient Babylonian cylinder seals – artifacts I am used to studying in the British Museum.

To cut a long story short, it represents, through the polytheistic pagan pantheon (that’s a mouthful!), commerce, deception, theft and death. When I linked that in my mind with ancient Babylonian representations, which bare one famous example in a 2000 BC take on the Adam and Eve story, I realised that what we have here is the perpetuation of satanic symbolism – namely the fallen angel Lucifer, the serpent, represented with the wings he lost and a rod representing power.

People who make decisions such as what logos go on national organisations are rarely unlearned or ignorant people, and to discover such a pagan and satanic link to this symbol, and to then find it associated with the drug and healthcare industry suggests what sort of powers those in charge would like to channel or at least refer to; That is the instigator of the lust for power, deception and death, Satan. The medical industry that is driven many times more by money than care for people may have a spirit behind it that is less focused on helping people and more bent on deceiving and destroying.

I am not suggesting we never visit the doctor again or cancel operations, but that we cover ourselves in prayer in this age of the renaissance of ancient spirits and false religion that finds its expression everywhere –  from the classroom to the side of an ambulance.

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