Today I had to send some money overseas, and as the nearest place was a pawn brokers I went in there. As I completed my transaction a lady came in who was clearly broken. She looked a lot older than she probably was, and although she wasn’t in rags you could see she was another victim of this self-destructive society.
She had a local council bill in her bag and was pawning an old gold ring that was only going to make her a tenner. My heart went out to her as I have been in the position of not being able to pay extortionate local authority charges before. Our transactions both finished at the same time, which I had prayed inside they would. As I was leaving I handed her some money and said that it could go towards buying back her ring. She said to me ‘why would you do that?’, and I said I did it in Jesus’ name and that He loved her. As she thanked me I left the shop and thought about her response – why would anyone do that?
They would do it if they had met with the real love of a real Saviour. If man is only an animal then I hadn’t evolved enough sense to just worry about my own survival, or maybe, just maybe I was displaying the heart of a personal Creator that wants none to perish but all to come to repentance. So why in a selfish and fallen world should we give in all giving’s forms? Because a real God has touched us with a real love that we can’t keep to ourselves.
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