Lewis and Kingsley perform on the streets

I bring a great report of a fantastic opening which saw souls saved and MK impacted for Jesus! Saturday gone we had our opening concert in the evening, followed by our first services on the Sunday.

The day started at 10.30am with a van and several cars coming down from our mother church in Walthamstow. After some breakfast we started to contend in prayer, before a quick briefing and heading out to the streets. We arrived outside The Centre:mk shopping mall and set up for music on the streets. The day continued with witnessing and leafleting around our main base by McDonald’s, in the Secklow Gate market and in the mall itself.

Crowd gathers to watch music ministry

The day remained structured as I split things into two teams who alternated between outreaching on the streets, walking through the mall and door-knocking. After closing up with some praise and worship and preaching I was glad to announce that 11 souls had been saved on the streets. We then headed to the hall, joined by the Northampton church who had arrived later on in the afternoon.

I asked this guy if he was from Harlem and he
said he was, so I guess we witnessed the Harlem Shake

We had a time of fellowship again, before praying once more and kicking off the concert. Matthew, Effie and Michelle ministered powerfully among others, and we had 20 visitors out. After the altar call we had a further person give their life to Christ and we finished of with some more music.

The next morning we set up for our first service and had a great time, seeing a handful of visitors, including two from the previous night’s concert. We really give God praise for what he is doing in Milton Keynes and look forward to seeing more souls saved and lives changed to His glory. We really sense that now is the time for MK and that we will see revival. Pray with us…

Matthew performs during the concert
Prayer room before concert
Church set-up on Sunday
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