The Walthamstow church just had Pastor Torrey Williams from Spring Lake, NC come and preach revival services for them. We made the journey down last night and had a great time.

Ps Torrey preaching



It was great to catch up with friends and family – man, just getting to the toilet is hard without being stopped by someone wanting to hear a report! I was able to bring good news of all that God has been doing here in MK, despite only being open for three weeks. Another young man just prayed to give his life to Christ on the streets and I am believing God for him.

Pastor Torrey preached on God having a plan for us, even though sometimes wildernesses of uncertainty lie ahead. Despite only being out for three years, he has seen his church experience revival and grow to over 170 members. A lot of that is to do with whether a man can feed a congregation, and as evidenced last night, Pastor Torrey certainly can.

Ps Torrey & Ps Darkwah at dinner

We were blessed to go out for dinner with him and his wife afterwards for some very good Thai food. I am picky with Thai, but this one certainly hit the spot! Me and Pastor Torrey seemed to hit it off, as we both found experience in the music industry and a love of basketball in common. I cannot say that I turned down being Barry Bonds’ personal trainer because of getting saved though!

I am glad to be bringing inspiration back to MK, and look forward to preaching on Sunday about Religion vs Relationship.

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