After much planning, prayer and fasting, the Walthamstow church’s new choir ‘One Achord’ came up to us to perform in the central park here in MK on June 15th.

A crowd begins to gather


After meeting up at the church building and tucking into breakfast we opened the day in prayer. One Achord then hit our outreach spot at the main shopping centre for some solo performances, one to one witnessing and to blitz out the last of the flyers, while the rest of us headed to the park to set up at the amphitheatre.
The great British summer blessed us as usual, and it began to chuck down with rain while we set up. Never the less, we soldiered on with the weather and technical hitches and saw a small crowd begin to gather despite the cold and wet conditions. There were some fantastic performances from Shanique, Nathan and young Washington Peterkin, while Hazel and Chantelle brought the house down to finish with a fantastic gospel rendition of More Than Words.
Nathan leads the choir
Nathan gave an excellent altar call and I am blessed to report that I led a man in the crowd in a prayer to recommit. I also heard later that a soul was saved on the streets, so as the angels in Heaven know, it was all more than worth it.

This was One Achord’s debut and they really did a great job, having rehearsed only a few times together. I highly recommend them to other churches as their mix of solo performances, choir songs and testimonies has the potential for big impact. I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that we had our largest attendance in church the Sunday after, and we just doubled that this Sunday.

Shanique brings some Caribbean flavour
Those in the church that helped out also had a great time and I look forward to inviting One Achord back next summer for an encore!
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