Read Acts 7:22-29. This will become a sermon at some point, but just a thought to share that sometimes in life we mess up, lash out and jeopardise our destiny. 

Moses had an incredible destiny, but when his temper got the better of him and he was humiliated it seemed he couldn’t be farther from it. He fled to the wilderness for forty years and faced isolation from the people his heart yearned for, but after taking it on the chin and not rushing back to Egypt to try and fulfill destiny in his own power he saw the burning bush.

I have been to the Sinai peninsular and seen the bareness of the land. Dry red desert gives way to dry red mountains. When I traveled there it was too dangerous to go to Mount Horeb, so unfortunately I missed out on seeing the place where Moses saw the burning bush, but it certainly left an impression on me.

When we mess up it may involve discipline out of church, or it may involve discipline within church, but it will mean some sort of separating experience where we are tested and our destiny will come into doubt of our mind and of the lies of hell. The encouragement is to take it on the chin, humble yourself and wait on God. In His time He will speak to you again and remind you of your calling and destiny. It is our job to not get funky and poor water on the fire when it comes, but to have humbled ourselves and opened our heart to God’s redemption; Moses went from prince to shepherd working for Jethro – that’s pretty humble.

If we do this, when that bush comes we will be able to go back and take our place in destiny and be used of God powerfully.

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