Just previewed a fantastic film called The Grace Card. We will be showing this as a movie outreach on Saturday 27th July, at 7pm.

The story is centered around the relationship of two policemen – one a pastor working a full time day-job, and the other a bigoted and broken father, haunted by the death of his first son.

The movie is fast-paced and takes us from setting the scene of each family’s background, to the initiation of the two’s relationship and on wards to building tension, action scenes, some interesting plot twists and heart wrenching moments.

Without saying too much, the film ends with encouragement towards forgiveness and the fact that God hasn’t just given broken humanity judgement, but he has given grace. The secular media gave the usual cold reception when The Grace Card was released, but if you know how good Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous are, then you can be assured that this production is of the same quality.

Make it if you can on the 27th and be sure to invite unsaved friends and family members to be touched by this great contemporary Christian film.

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