One thing that has really concerned me with recent political events is our Prime Minister’s attitude to those attempting to over-throw President Assad in Syria.

Although I have no political affiliation, I did admire George Galloway for standing up to David Cameron recently and asking why he was standing against Al-Qaeda on one hand, but arming them on another, with the Syrian ‘activists’ known and obvious links with the international Muslim terrorist group.

The UK government, among others, have actively encouraged and equipped the rebels since their protests first turned violent two years ago. Knowing, as with Libya, that they had no hope of overthrowing the current government on their own, western nations stepped in to arm and train them in hopes of dispatching Bashar al-Assad.

My job is to preach the gospel and not make political commentary, but a clear spiritual parallel sprang out to me – some people say they are fighting the enemy, but yet they give him ammunition. Some people say they are living for God and active in the fight of the ages, but spend hours in front of TVs, watch all sorts of crazy movies, listen to immoral music and generally give the devil all the material he wants to plague their thought-life.

There may be grave hypocrisy in politics (poly = many, tick = a blood sucking animal), but let us not be those who profess to valiantly fight evil on one hand, while feeding it on the other.


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