October 7th-11th was the Rotherhithe conference. Our UK fellowship has two conferences – Walthamstow and Rotherthithe – which emerged after continual growth necessitated the splitting of the existing Walthamstow conference into those churches directly launched from or related to the Walthamstow and Rotherhithe churches respectively.

Pastor Campbell preaches to a packed house

This conference the main speakers were Pastor Wayman Mitchell, the founder of our fellowship and Pastor Joe Campbell from Chandler, Arizona, alongside Pastor Peter Ajala, the pastor of the Rotherhithe church and one of the leaders of the UK fellowship.

I personally attended on the last day of the conference due to work commitments, but reports were of a powerful time as over a thousand people gathered together to hear powerful preaching and to refresh the vision we have to reach the four corners of the world with the gospel. Pastor Campbell’s message on the final night was a powerful warning about making emotional decisions that can destroy our destiny; He spoke of incidences from his own church, where some had even ended up losing their life after making such decisions.

The couples receive their ordination

That night four couples were launched into the harvest field, including an old friend of mine, Hastings, who I have known since our new convert days at the Walthamstow conference. It really is a joy to be part of a fellowship that actively follows the Great Commission and to continue to see new workers launched to start churches of their own.

During his sermon, Pastor Campbell gave a list of conferences that had happened around the world in the last couple of months, and that was just those he could remember off the top of his head. It really put into perspective just what we are a part of, as we sail past having 2000 churches worldwide.


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