Just last week gone saw a powerful revival in Northampton with Patrick Johnson. Evangelist Johnson is in great demand for his powerful preaching and anointed music ministry.

Patrick Johnson ministers in music

Attending with church members Friday night, we were treated to a sermon admonishing us to not seek a cross-less Christianity, but that there are vows that we have made that we must hold to. The Saturday was a marriage seminar, and we headed up again to hear two sermons and share a lunch with couples from the Northampton church, as well as other area pastoral couples.

Although this was just a session lasting a few hours, it was incredibly powerful as Pastor Johnson ministered on not making mountains out of molehills, responding rather than reacting and other vital principles. Me and Kehinde both felt like we got more out of it than all the other paid-for marriage seminars we have attended put together!

Marriage Seminar

Then there was, of course, Pastor Johnson’s music ministry, which was like a mini-concert each night and came in to powerful effect when at the close of the last marriage seminar, he sang a marriage song while both couples were asked to look at each other and apply the words to themselves – There were tears shed from more than one couple at the beauty of the moment!

We were also treated to some fine gospel covers of Bob Marley and Beres Hammond songs, among others. Patrick Johnson truly is an anointed minister and I believe God for the day when we have grown enough to invite him over to minister for the MK church. After being let down by a pre-booked sports hall this time, maybe then we can finally hit the basketball court as a Lakers fan vs a Heat fan!

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