For a living I work with computer code. As part of my job as a digital content manager I am responsible for making things appear as they should in the virtual world.
HTML is the standard code language of the internet, and if something is wrong with the source code of an Internet page or website then you will know because things won’t look right. Some one has to ensure that the HTML code has been created in-line with the HTML language, or links will be broken, images will fail to appear, text will be miss-aligned and pages won’t function how they should.
If you compare HTML to DNA, it is the DNA of the website. It is that hidden code of letters and numbers that dictates what you see on the screen and what functions are enabled. Yet compared to DNA, HTML is extremely basic. In fact what it takes training and sometimes years of experience to get right in HTML, doesn’t even remotely compare to just the construction of a single skin cell that DNA informed. Not only that, but what about the rest of our 50 trillion cells? What about the fact DNA is only represented by four letters, A, C, T and G, while HTML has all the letters of the alphabet, plus numbers and symbols at its disposal?
So why does it take training, experience and human creative ability to create the very page you are reading, yet many say DNA appeared by chance after nothing pointlessly exploded 15 billion years ago? I could go to work tomorrow and lean on my keypad, and do that every day for millions of years and no web page would ever be created. As one biologist told me, and as Richard Dawkins believes, it wasn’t little green men either, for that just postpones the problem and begs the question of who made the alien’s DNA?!
The truth is some will deny the evidence and logic because they don’t like the idea of God. God’s signature is on the very fibre of our physical beings – that we are products of a transcendent, super-intelligent code writer who wanted to express something in the physical realm – yet because some dislike conviction of sin and accountability to that Creator they make up illogical and non-testable theories, while most definitely not relying on chance as they create their own websites like Talk Origins and other pulpits for atheism.
Every time I work with HTML I give glory to God for the wonder of His creation, that man can only emulate in very basic ways.
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