Next time you encounter an atheist/evolutionist while witnessing, why not try this little test?

1. Ask them if they know what a hummingbird is? Good. Common ground established.

2. Tell them that they have to build a machine with all the functions of a hummingbird – from its wings that beat 70 times a second, to its heart that beats 1,260 times a minute, to its vision and hearing which are both better than that of a human. Add flying speeds of up to 60 miles an hour while diving, the ability to remember every flower it has visited and the knowledge of how long it will take to refill. Oh, they also have to fit it into a machine that weighs less then 20 grams.

3. Tell them they can have access to the world’s greatest engineers, mathematicians and scientists.

4. Make it a little easier – say that it only has to be half as complex as a hummingbird – although it does have to be able to fuel and heal itself.

5. Ask them if with all the intelligence in the world that such a machine could not be built, how can they logically say there was no intelligence involved in the creation of the hummingbird?

6. Tell them that what they have is a faith-based belief, and in fact a very illogical one. Tell them that believing in a transcendent, super-intelligent designer is a much more logical faith, and one they should consider. He may even have left an instruction manual somewhere!

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