All are invited to our free video nights throughout March, More Than Dreams. Every Sunday evening at 6.30pm we will be showing different videos from a series of videos portraying the powerful testimonies of Muslims who saw Jesus in a dream or vision.

From Egyptian terrorists to Nigerian herdsmen, Jesus has been appearing to Muslims around the world for decades – often in places and in lives into which missionaries are unable to reach. A common ground in most of the testimonies is a desire to know who God really is, regardless of background or tradition, and several of those portrayed were already actively trying to seek forgiveness, healing and the service of God without finding it.

We would especially like to welcome members of the Muslim community here in Milton Keynes to come out and see these videos. All we know is that these people found the answer in Jesus, just as we did, and whatever tradition you grew up in Jesus claimed that He is the way, the truth and the life – indeed, the Word of God who will return to judge all men, who while upon this earth had power to heal the sick and raise the dead.

This is an invitation in love to Muslims and all people to find out about Isa al-Masih (Jesus the Saviour) who has paid for our sins, showing the love of a merciful God, so that we can know right now, in this life, that there will be salvation for us on judgement day.

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