We took our very first carload for an impact team as part of the Oxford church’s opening a few weeks back on the 15th May.

Pastor Beckford preaching on the streets

Despite the rain, we engaged the busy streets of Oxford, emboldened by the Holy Spirit and started the day with preaching and witnessing.

After lunch, we carried on in an ideal spot opposite the Westgate mall, which is very busy and packed with witnessing opportunities. There I ministered in music alongside saints and old friends from the Walthamstow church.

Nathan and Sherell Palmer taking us back!

After making impact on the streets and seeing several decision for Christ we headed over to the hall for the evening’s concert – you can’t have a better building name than Opportunity House! There the concert took shape with great ministry, brother Michael from our church giving a testimony and Pastor Beckford preaching a powerful altar call. More decisions were made from the good number of visitors which came out.

All in all, we had such a great time that we returned to Oxford just a couple of weeks ago for our own impact team, along with the Coventry and Harrow churches and saw more decisions for Christ and eleven visitors come out to the concert in the evening.

Brother Aaron ministering in the concert

We continue to keep the Oxford church in prayer and believe for fruit.


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