We bring a fantastic report of what God did this weekend here in MK. We started with a concert with Pastor Ernie Toppin on Saturday, and then finished up with a Healing Night as we prayed for the sick Sunday evening.

Pastor Ernie performs

We had been busy outreaching over the past couple weeks, and saw our efforts culminate with our concert with Pastor Ernie. The building was filled with church folks, visitors and those supporting from other churches as we opened up with songs from sister Irina and Pastor Terrell to warm us up. Pastor Ernie was in usual form, and despite initial technical hitches the concert quickly got going as he told the powerful story of his salvation and journey from the music industry to God’s Kingdom.

Full building

We were treated to hits such as ‘Part-time Relationship’, ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’ and ‘Judgement Day’, before Pastor Ernie pulled a powerful altar call. We were blessed to see visitors from the concert come out the next day, and we are believing God for lasting fruit.

The next evening we held our second Healing Night. As a church we have been contending to see the supernatural in our midst and the Word of God confirmed with signs following. Pastor Terrell preached on ‘having faith’ from the story in Acts 14 of the man who Paul perceived faith in, and then we laid hands on the sick and those that were standing in the gap for someone they knew.

The stand-out testimony was that of Eve, who had previously been healed in one of her arms after her daughter Niki asked for her to be lifted up at the last Healing Night. She was in attendance this time, and after praying to forgive those who may have hurt her, was completely set free from pain in her other arm! She was able to lift both arms in praise to God afterwards!

Pastor Ernie & Pastor Terrell

After we had closed the service, Eve asked for prayer for a lump that had appeared on her upper chest. As hands were laid on the lump was felt to disappear and sure enough, after checking herself, tears of joy were shed as Eve realised that she had been touched again. Hallelujah!

We also prayed for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and saw one person filled, with the evidence of tongues, while we believe for the fire to fall soon upon those others we prayed for.

Eve with her daughter Niki – healed by God!

We really feel we are starting to hit critical mass as a church, and look forward to all God is going to continue to do in our city over the next few weeks.

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