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Milton Keynes Healing Crusade Report

We bring a great report of all that God did recently in our Healing Crusade.

We had prayed for the weather, and throughout the week the forecast of rain continued to move further and further back in the day. We arrived at Fishermead in good time to contend in prayer and set up for the afternoon, and after putting up the canopy and putting out the chairs we began in music as Pastor Terrell and brother Michael both ministered to the crowd that had gathered.

Pastor Terrell then preached on ‘stepping out in faith’ and at the altar call 10 decisions were made for Christ, praise God. A call was then made for those sick in their body or with families members sick and several responded with both physical and mental issues prayed for and broken limbs and sight problems prayed for by proxy . Notable touches from God were a young lady who had just prayed to give her life to Christ coming forward for deliverance from a bipolar disorder and a brother with blurred vision receiving improvement after prayer.

Visitors were then blessed with free refreshments and all felt that God had really met with us during this time out in our community bringing the gospel in a setting which many would never normally experience.

We very much look forward to our next event!

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