Here you can watch video testimonies from some of our church members, and those around the fellowship, whose lives have been radically changed by the power of Jesus Christ.


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The day Jesus Christ became real to me was the day I was at my weakest and lowest point in life, broken in spirit and darkness had overshadowed me.

Two years ago I was down on bended knees asking him to help me and to show me if indeed He was real. I lived a life conformed to this world, focused on material things and self-righteous. I got baptised 22 years ago after being led by my Christian background, but became a Prodigal child months later.

My dad was a righteous man, a man of faith who walked circumspectly with the Lord and who was hoping that his children would walk in his foot steps, but instead I lived a sinful life full of worldly things. I got married a few later and all was well with me – I had it all materially and financially, a beautiful family and everything was at my leisure except Christ. I never stepped into a church when I came to the UK.

Eventually, my husband and material things became my idol – at no time did I think about going to church. I was living the good life, going to exclusive restaurants, on trips and to parties. Things were so easy to achieve materially, and all was well until the day when life itself was worth nothing. That dreaded day when death says ‘okay, you build that bigger barn – now it’s time to lose it all’, that’s when I lost my husband – when life was snuffed out of him and he breathed his last.

My world was shattered right there, crumbled to peices and there was no one around, not even my closest relatives. all on my own, devasted, having sleepless nights and no peace of mind. I couldn’t eat and didn’t know what to do. I almost committed suicide, saying to myself that there is no point in continuing to live life. I felt like I could never make it, I would never be healed, and who could help me and heal me like I needed right then?

That is until I was told to seek Him – to seek Jesus Christ. As I remembered where I came from, I stepped foot into church for the first time in the United Kingdom. I was a Prodigal sinner who would eventually set foot in a church. I recommitted my life to Him and humbled myself, bowed to Him and prayed and fasted for days and that’s when He heard me and helped me.

Within months my tears had dried up and I felt a deep peace overshadow me that I’ve never felt before. I heard He was carrying me all the way (like the Footsteps in The Sand poem). I couldn’t believe that he could heal me – a sinner who walked away from Him – but He is awesome.

All the while, in my grief, my dad was praying with me via Skype each night, and his prayers helped me. But just after my husband’s death my dad died (just a month later). I had lost two precious people in my life who were so close to my heart – how could someone survive? I’d been hit so hard that I was on my face. What next? How could your misery be added to so just a month later?

It happened to me, and I never thought I could be healed after that, but I WAS. I was healed and given another chance to rise again. I didn’t believe that I could be helped, but Jesus helped me. He healed my broken heart and comforted my soul with such a deep peace that I wasn’t grieving for both of them. I couldn’t find the tears to grieve for my dad, even though I tried to put myself in a position to grieve and to be locked away, but God didn’t allow me.

I was so happy and at peace when my dad passed. I rejoiced because the Lord reminded me that he is in a better place, and that he is with Him, and that helped me. My God saved me for a purpose and I can say today that GOD IS REAL. Surrender your life to Him and give Him your whole heart. Please don’t wait until death brings you to Him like what happened to me.

My testimony is REAL, and I have experienced His unchanging hands. He gave me another chance to share my testimony with others. He loves you dearly and is waiting for you to surrender your life to Him. What is the point in gaining the whole world and yet loosing your soul? He is a miracle working God – He miraculously healed my wounds. I must say I’ve seen miracles after trusting Him – bills were paid off without any explanation and money appeared in my account from sources that I didn’t know.

Remember, He takes care of the widow – yes, I saw miracles. He is my deliverer, my provider and my healer; my Almighty God. I thank him for bringing me here to the UK. He brought me here for a purpose and I guess he did it like that when I had no one to turn to and no family here. I had no choice but to turn to Him, and that is when He became REAL to me.

I am going to serve Him and keep fighting the battle, the battle for my soul. My Jesus please reach someone who is reading this – my testimony – to make a decision to serve and walk with you. Serving Jesus Christ is so easy, and I’d rather serve Him without a dime than to gain the whole world and lose my soul. I was born to serve Him.

Thank you.

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